We are so excited for our first ever Irish Vineyard Leader's Conference

In Dublin in 1993, a small group of Jesus followers gathered together to dream and pray about partnering with the transforming power of God’s love, and mercy for the City and Ireland, consequently the Vineyard on the Island of Ireland was born. Twenty five years later, our awareness of the incredible legacy we have inherited from these original dreamers, and many others from around the world, has stirred us to gather our growing Irish Vineyard family.
Our aim, is to celebrate and thank God for all He has done through us over the past twenty five years, and to pray and dream about what the next twenty five years might look like.
More importantly, the legacy we have inherited moves us to ask the questions –

What legacy are we creating? & What will it require from each of us?

Tickets are going fast but you can get yours here.

Everyone is welcome to join us!

What can you expect?