Baby Dedication Sunday

In BCV we place a high importance on ministering to our children from as soon as they are born. Today we have the privilege of gathering as a church around four families who have come to dedicate their precious little ones.
We have a community responsibility to make sure that this generation of children in our church grows up knowing God. Because of their relationship with their Heavenly Father, the truth is that our children are powerful people, each with a unique purpose that is with them from birth. They need to grow up understanding that when they stand with their Father God, they are royalty. As children of the King, they get to influence change wherever they are and see the kingdom come.
We adults have a vital role in helping position our children to understand who they are and what their purpose is. Today we want to consider what God placed in these little ones and how can we as a community call out His plans and nurture them.

This sermon was given by Katie Wilson.

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