“Songs are as sure to turn the tide in a battle as the five smooth stones David pulled from the stream.”
Dan Wilt

BCV Music

At BCV we believe that the songs we sing have a powerful, formative impact on us as a community.

We write both because we want to see our writers stepping more fully into their true identity and purpose, and because we want to hear God’s heart for us and our response to Him – in every season He leads us through – courageously expressed and released through the creative voice He has put within our community.

Song Writing Resources

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Song writing is a craft that can be learnt and honed. Expert song writers have practiced and learnt as they develop their skills over years.
We would love to share what we have learnt over the years as we journey song writing in our community.

Home Grown Worship

We have an exciting, growing community of writers at BCV who are passionate about capturing our story and voice. It’s our privilege to share some of what has been created and there is much more to follow!

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Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland

As a church in the Vineyard movement we are part of something much bigger and are blessed to share in the amazing songs written from all over the UK & Ireland.

You can check out all that Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland has to offer via their website.
Here are some of the recordings that they have produced over the years from the Island of Ireland. (Links open in Spotify)

Everyone is welcome!

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