We want to see children of all ages hungering and thirsting for more of God in their lives.

We want the children in our church being equipped to hear from God and to pray with compassion and expectancy. We want to give our children a voice to respond to what God is doing in their hearts and to worship and praise Him. We want to see our kids serving others and responding with compassion to God’s heart for the poor and the lost. We want to spend as much time as possible teaching our children about God’s awesome love and power and seeing that impact the way they live.


Because we believe it’s the most relevant, most inspiring, most exciting thing we can give them, and so we do kids ministry believing there is going to be a supernatural touch from God every single week. In BCV we want to see our whole church equipped to live in the reality and purposes of God’s plans. So from the tiniest baby upwards, we want to declare to the kids in our church the reality of who God made them to be.


We have a variety of programmes on Sunday mornings that run for the duration of the church service. Parents or guardians need to sign their children in from 10:20am at the Kids Welcome area. The leaders will be waiting to show them to their room and help them settle in.

Age Groups

  • bABBA’s: 0-1
  • 2&3’s
  • Nursery – P2
  • P3 – P7


We want to be building a generation of young people who are growing in self-confidence through being God-Confident.

Our prayer is that our young people will be:

Intentional about pursuing Jesus, knowing their identity is based in Him. They will be naturally supernatural, encountering the power and presence of Jesus in the everyday. They will value and place importance in reading the Bible and prayer and worship in their ever growing relationship with God and because of this, they are being formed not just to be “God smart” but “God Connected”.

They value the importance of serving others and being part of a community as it will help them in being intentional about pursuing Jesus. We want our young people to be part of the BCV community and surrounded by people who can advise or comfort but also challenge and hold them to account in a loving and safe way. Being part of our community also provides our young people opportunities to discover their gifting and be given opportunities to develop them so that they can be effective in building God’s kingdom on earth.

They will carry Jesus’ presence and want to be a part of what God is doing in our city, this country and beyond. Our prayer is that their faith will impact their schools, friends and people around them for God’s glory. And although we will run programmes and events to help nurture and develop this desire, we will also empower, equip and release our young people to make an impact in their own personal circumstances- and we will celebrate them in doing this.


    On Sunday Mornings Youth meets each week in the “Youth Space” in the following age groups.

  • Year 8-10
  • Year 11+

Throughout 2018 we will be hosting a range of events and programmes which will help us grow God-Confident teenagers!

    • These will include:

    • Monthly Socials
    • Monthly Prayer and Worship nights
    • Drama Workshops
    • Easter Mission team
    • Summer Mission team
    • Youth Life Groups

  • For more information or to have a look at what our youth gets up to please visit our Instagram or Facebook.

    Everyone is welcome to join us!

    What can you expect?