We believe that God is constantly inviting us into spiritual formation and it's our desire to see this community engaging whole heartedly with him.

Welcome to Belfast City Vineyard’s weekly service page.

On this page you’ll be able to view our Sunday sermon broadcast as well as have access to a variety of resources for family and personal discipleship through the week.

Sunday Broadcast

Below you’ll find our last broadcast services and at the weekend a link to our upcoming broadcasts. (Links open in new window)
To catch up on the current sermon series or to listen to any of our podcasts you can follow this link or check out our Youtube channel for previous broadcasts.

Check out our YouTube Premier each Sunday morning at 10am
Join us each Sunday at 10:30am for our weekly broadcast

Connect Card

If you are new to the life of BCV, you are so welcome! If you would like to connect with us or find out more information, we would love to hear from you. To do that, simply click the button and fill in the form.

Prayer Ministry

Every week at BCV we want to offer prayer ministry for those who wish to respond to what the Holy Spirit is prompting or to those who have any need physical, mental or spiritual.
Sign up by 11:30am for one of our prayer slots starting at 12noon.
Alternatively, if you don’t fancy a zoom call you can send in prayer requests to prayer1@belfastcityvineyard.com and our team of intercessors will be praying for you.
Click the button below for more information and to sign up.

Worship Playlist

We’ve put together a YouTube playlist of songs that they feel are speaking into our community in this season.
Please allow yourself some time to worship with these playlists and invite the presence of God to minister and speak to you.
(links opens a new tab in YouTube or Spotify)

BCV Kids

We believe the most influential voice in a child’s life is their parent’s and so we believe you are the best person to help them grow and develop in their walk with Jesus.
We have developed some resources to help you in that journey. Each week you’ll be able to find a Bible story, reflection from our kid’s leader, kid’s song of the week, a family time downloadable resource and a pre-school singing time video.

For more of our weekly resources from previous weeks check out our family resources page.

bAbbas & 2-3s

Join Katie and Jasmine for our weekly pre-school singing time!

Join us this week as we look at creation.

We’ve put together a playlist of some of the pre-schoolers favourite songs.

Nursery to P7

Every Sunday at 10am tune in for worship, stories, ministry and fun as we discover more about Jesus in our Youtube Premiere.

BCV Youth

Check out our Youth Resources page for all the latest news.

We are committed to caring for our youth as best as possible in this season and as such have implemented an Online Youth strategy to ensure they are still able to access community and support when needed. You can find the latest version of that here.
Youth will meet in person during the Sunday evening service. For more details please email lynne@belfastcityvineyard.com


At BCV we believe giving is an act of worship to God. If you are a guest with us please feel no obligation to give, this is just how we keep the ministry of BCV going.
The most effective way for us to process giving is through direct debit, however, one-off gifts are very welcome also. You can donate through the link below.

Everyone is welcome!

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