If you are new to our community or even new to Christianity, why not head to this page to find out a little more.

You are so welcome!

We just want to say you are so welcome to BCV. If this is your first time visiting us, either online or in-person, you are so so welcome!

New to Faith?

If you are new to faith and are wondering what do I do next, we have created some resources for you. Just click on the button below for some simply ideas of how to grow in your faith.

What to expect

We hold an online service and an in-person service on a Sunday. Each service will contain worship, some announcements and teaching. Our 1pm in-person service has kid’s ministry and youth ministry running alongside it. Our online service is recorded at our in-person service and aired from the following Monday. If you plan on attending our in-person service, can we ask that you sign your child up to Kid’s ministry? This just allows us to know how many people to cater for and let’s us know whether to expect any allergies/food intolerances. Prayer ministry is available at each of our services. You can view our online Sunday morning service or sign up to online prayer ministry via our weekly service page. This is a time where anyone can receive prayer or respond to what they’ve encountered.

Connect Card

If you want to find out more information about BCV or Jesus or simply want to connect with us further, why not fill in a connect card.

What about Kids & Youth?

We have full kids and youth programmes from babies through to 18. We hold kid’s ministry every week at 1pm, running alongside our main service, in Rosemary Presbyterian Church Halls (Ekenhead Memorial Halls). For more information on Kids & Youth click here.

We love our city and we hope you do too

One of the things we are committed to is partnering with God to impact our city.

We want to see Belfast flourishing and that means engaging with those who live here in lots of innovative and creative ways. We are specifically passionate about seeing God’s heart of mercy and justice lived out towards the marginalised and vulnerable in our communities. Much of what we do is expressed through our local charity, Storehouse (storehousebelfast.com) established in BCV in 2008. Storehouse provide emergency food, clothes and furniture to those in need across our city but much more than that we seek to see community established with the marginalised and dignity restored where poverty and injustice have stolen it away. We’d love to invite you to join with us in serving our city.

Everyone is welcome!

What can you expect?