24th March 2019

Luke: Decide Ahead of Time

This week Andy Smith looks at Jesus’ visit to the Mount of Olives on his journey to the cross in Luke 22: 39-51. Join us as we explore the concept of praying for strength rather than escape and looking at what we can learn from Jesus’ actions on his final days before the crucifixion.

17th March 2019

Luke: Who Do You Love?

This week Peter O’Halloran takes us through Luke 22: 19-38

10th March 2019

Luke: Anger And An Eagerly Awaited Meal

This week Andy Smith unpacks Luke 22:1-20 for us. Join us as we talk about the risk of letting anger rule our lives as well as taking a look at the passover feast and the first ever communion.

3rd March 2019

Luke: A Temple Torn Down

This week we our passage of scripture is Luke 21: 5-38 where Jesus prophesies about the end of times. Join us as Andy Smith challenges us to know Jesus deeper.

24th February 2019

Luke: Riddles, Widows, Giving and Worship

This week we look at the widow’s offering in Luke 20:41-47 & 21:1-4 where Jesus teaches us that giving is not about how much we give, but instead is all about the heart with which we give.

17th February 2019

Luke: The Hope of the Resurrection

This week Gunther Storbeck takes us through Luke 20: 27-40. Join us as we explore the  hope of the resurrection.

10th February 2019

Luke: Render Onto Caesar…

This week Alan Carson continues our series in Luke by taking us through Luke 20:20-26.

3rd February 2019

Luke: A Story About A Vineyard

This week we start back into our series on Luke. Join us as Andy Smith takes us through the parable of the vineyard found in Luke 20: 9-19 and challenges us with the question, is Jesus the stone that was rejected or the cornerstone of our lives?

26th August 2018

Luke: Jesus, Jerusalem, and Authority

This week we look at the Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem and the authority He had. Join us as Andy Smith takes us through Luke 19:41 – 20:8.

19th August 2018

Luke: Will We Follow Him?

This week we look at the Triumphal Entry and ask the question… “Will we welcome Him as King”? Join us as Andy Smith takes us through Luke 19: 28-40.

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