7th July 2019

Money – Giving as Worship & Worship as Giving

This week Harmony Smith talks about the relationship between our giving and our worship, revelation of God and His goodness.

30th June 2019

Money – Are You Content?

This week Alan and Laurie Carson continue our series on money looking at Philippians 4:12 and asking the question, do you believe it’s possible to live with contentment in our finances?

23rd June 2019

Money – Ownership

This week Gunther Storbeck talks to us from Matthew 25: 14-30 about finances. Highlighting that we are to posture ourselves like managers of the money we find ourselves with, rather than owners.

16th June 2019

Money – Mammon?

As we start our new series on money we look at where we place our trust, in money or in God? Join us as we start to unpack a healthy approach to our finances.

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