We want to be a place where many people find life, hope, mercy, and love in Jesus.  We will be praying for many of our friends neighbours, co-workers to come to faith in him, or return to him.  We’ll also pray for natural moments for us to be courageous, build relationship, and begin to share Jesus.    

Here is a short video explaining some of our heart towards Evangelism.

Prayer points

Here are some prayer points to help get you started on praying this week:

  • We would receive the Good News for ourselves. We would receive this in a fresh way and connect deeply with Jesus.
  • Courage. We would become braver in telling people the Good News.
  • Expectancy. We would become more expectant about what happens when people encounter Jesus.
  • Purpose. Jesus has a purpose for every person. He loves them. What if we were on a mission everyday to help people find their purpose?
  • Alpha. Our Alpha course is due to start after Easter, so please pray for that and get inviting!

Everyone is welcome!

What can you expect?