At BCV we long for our teaching to be spirit filled and to challenge each person in our community to pursue Jesus deeper.

Preaching and Teaching

At BCV we value expanding our understanding of the Bible and applying it to our day-to-day life.

Preaching and teaching happen in multiple environments within our church with our primary space being on Sunday as part of our main service.
In addition to that, our region has hosted multiple conferences over the years that we would love to share with you. These times have been formational in the journey of all the churches in the Ireland region as well as our own.

Sunday Sermons

The easiest way to access our database of sermons over the last few years is through our podcast series.
Our sermons are preached in sermon series’ and you can search by series through our website or simply follow along week to week via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or other podcasting programs.

In recent months we have begun broadcasting our Sunday services via our Youtube channel. If you want to catch up on a recent service simply check out our playlist.

Legacy Conference

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite Legacy conference talks.

Closing Conference Thoughts – 2019
Andy and Harmony Smith, Vineyard regional leaders for Ireland, close out the 2019 Legacy conference.

Stewarding a legacy in Ireland – 2018
Andy Smith talks about the posture we need to cultivate in order to steward well the legacy of the Kingdom in Ireland.

The origins of the Vineyard in Ireland – 2018
Andy Smith is joined by Sean & Debbie Byrne and Steve & Cindy Nicholson to tell the story of the origins of the Vineyard in Ireland.

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