20th September 2020

Present: Intro


This week we launch our new mini-series Present. Each week we will be looking at a different spiritual practice that we can employ in our every day lives to draw us closer to the presence of God.

13th September 2020

Staying Together

30th August 2020

Courage: To Go For The Double Portion


23rd August 2020

Courage: To Keep Going


16th August 2020

Courage: To Risk


9th August 2020

Courage: To Chose Wisdom


2nd August 2020

Courage: To Repent When We Have Done Wrong


26th July 2020

Courage: In the Face of Temptation


Join us this week as we continue our courage series with a look at what it looks to have courage in the face of temptation.

5th July 2020

Courage to Discern God’s Plans for Us


This week Andy Smith talks about how we can courageously wait and chose God’s plan for our lives.

28th June 2020

Courage: To Worship With Passion


This week David Kernaghan teaches on what undignified, or passionate, worship looks like in our lives as we examine the story of king David dancing undignified before the Lord in 2 Samuel 6.

Everyone is welcome!

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