11th August 2019

The Radical Middle: Doing the Stuff

Vineyard Distinctives

As we continue our series on Vineyard Distinctives: The Radical Middle we look at “Doing the Stuff”. What does it mean to embrace the Holy Spirit, worship, compassion, life, tension, risk, our calling, etc? Operating in the anointing that Jesus gives us to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.

4th August 2019

The Radical Middle: The Vineyard Person

Vineyard Distinctives

As we continue our series on Vineyard Distinctives: The Radical Middle, And Smith talks to us about the “Vineyard Person”. A graphic representation of the elements and values that make up the Vineyard movement.

28th July 2019

The Radical Middle: Come Holy Spirit

Vineyard Distinctives

This week we kick off a mini series on Vineyard Distinctives. What makes us Vineyard? Today Andy Smith talks to us about the ancient phrase ‘Come Holy Spirit’ and how the Vineyard has pursued the presence of God.

14th July 2019

In light of so much, what then shall we give?

This week Alan Carson talks about in light of the goodness of God, of how faithful He has been to us, of how just, merciful and kind He has been to us, what then will we will give? What then will we pour out to the culture around us? Can we love where we are?

7th July 2019

Money – Giving as Worship & Worship as Giving


This week Harmony Smith talks about the relationship between our giving and our worship, revelation of God and His goodness.

30th June 2019

Money – Are You Content?


This week Alan and Laurie Carson continue our series on money looking at Philippians 4:12 and asking the question, do you believe it’s possible to live with contentment in our finances?

23rd June 2019

Money – Ownership


This week Gunther Storbeck talks to us from Matthew 25: 14-30 about finances. Highlighting that we are to posture ourselves like managers of the money we find ourselves with, rather than owners.

16th June 2019

Money – Mammon?


As we start our new series on money we look at where we place our trust, in money or in God? Join us as we start to unpack a healthy approach to our finances.

1st January 1970

The Holy Spirit – Pentecost Sunday

The Holy Spirit

This Pentecost Sunday our mini-series on the Holy Spirit comes to an end with a focus on the empowering of the Holy Spirit for Kingdom impact.

Please note towards the end of the recording there are prolonged sections of silence as we wanted to include the ministry time for your listening. Feel free to take these moments and invite the Holy Spirit to minister to you.

2nd June 2019

The Holy Spirit – Baptism and Filling

The Holy Spirit

What does the Vineyard believe about the Holy Spirit? What do we mean when we talk about baptism in the Holy Spirit? What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit acting in and through us?

This week Andy Smith continues our series on the Holy Spirit looking at the ‘filling’ of the Holy Spirit in us as believers.

Everyone is welcome to join us!

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