24th February 2019

Luke: Riddles, Widows, Giving and Worship


This week we look at the widow’s offering in Luke 20:41-47 & 21:1-4 where Jesus teaches us that giving is not about how much we give, but instead is all about the heart with which we give.

17th February 2019

Luke: The Hope of the Resurrection


This week Gunther Storbeck takes us through Luke 20: 27-40. Join us as we explore the  hope of the resurrection.

10th February 2019

Luke: Render Onto Caesar…


This week Alan Carson continues our series in Luke by taking us through Luke 20:20-26.

3rd February 2019

Luke: A Story About A Vineyard


This week we start back into our series on Luke. Join us as Andy Smith takes us through the parable of the vineyard found in Luke 20: 9-19 and challenges us with the question, is Jesus the stone that was rejected or the cornerstone of our lives?

27th January 2019

Month of Prayer and Fasting – Closing Thoughts

Prayer and Fasting

This week we close our focused month of prayer and fasting at BCV with some thoughts from Andy and Harmony Smith, our senior pastors.

20th January 2019

Freedom For New Things

Prayer and Fasting

This week we continue our month of prayer and fasting by looking at how fasting can bring greater freedom to our lives. Join us as Andy Smith shares his thoughts with us.

13th January 2019

How to Approach 2019

Prayer and Fasting

This week we continue looking at what the new year holds for us as individuals and a community. Andy Smith takes us through Nehemiah Ch 1-6 and gives us some pointers as to how we can prepare ourselves for the journey ahead.

6th January 2019

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and Fasting

Happy New Year!

To start of our year we’re engaging with a month of prayer and fasting in BCV. This week we hear a little  from Andy Smith on what fasting is and is not and why we are doing this as a community. We are also so excited to welcome Kate and Richie Cathcart who will be sharing a little about their story with the Penuel Children’s Foundation in South Africa and the importance of hope and perseverance in the face of disappointment.

23rd December 2018

Away In A Manger

What Am I Singing About?

This week we continue our Advent series, “What am I Singing About” as Katie Wilson speaks to us about ‘Away In A Manger.’

16th December 2018

His Name Immanuel

What Am I Singing About?

This week Harmony Smith continues our ‘What Are We Singing About’ series by looking at a carol written within our community called His Name Immanuel. Join us as we talk about what being in Gods presence looks like in our lives today.

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