17th May 2020

Courage: Courageous Friendship

This week we have included a short time of worship in our podcast in addition to our Sunday sermon.

The BCV worship team have recorded a couple of worship songs that have been significant to our community over the years. All Things Rise (Sam Yoder) and Faithful One (Brian Doerksen)

Harmony Smith draws on the story of David and Jonathan and shares with us today about what courageous friendship looks like.

10th May 2020

Courage: David and Goliath

This week Alan Carson continues our series on courage and takes a look at the courage of David in the face of Goliath.

3rd May 2020

Courage: How Long?

As we’ve been journeying courage we have covered a range of different topics. Last week we started looking at grief and this week we ask the question how long should we grieve? Join us as Andy Smith looks at the book of 1 Samuel for inspiration.

26th April 2020

Courage: To Grieve Our Losses Well

This week Andy Smith talks to us about what grieving our losses well looks like in this season.

19th April 2020

Courage: To Stand Out

This week we return to our courage series. Join us as Alan Carson takes us through 1 Samuel 8.

1st March 2020

Pointing Your Courage in the Right Direction

This week Harmony Smith continues our series on courage as we look at the lives of Hannah and Samuel. What does it look like when our courage is aligned and submitted to God’s will?

23rd February 2020

Courage: For Dependency

This week we have a double portion for you!

Join us as Andy Smith talks about what we as a church will be doing for Lent and how we believe God is calling us to open our hearts to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Then we also continue our series on courage and what does it look like to be dependent on God as well as what impact can worship have in our state of dependence.

16th February 2020

Courage: To Not Be Brave – Gideon

This week Gunther Storbeck takes us through the calling of Gideon and highlights that God can turn anyone into a mighty warrior in his Kingdom.

9th February 2020

Courage: Deborah – Courage to Lead, Courage to Take Our Place

This week we take a look at the book of Judges and in particular, the story of Deborah. Join us as Andy Smith talks about what it is to take courage to lead.

2nd February 2020

Courage: To Steward Success

This week Andy Smith introduces us the book of Joshua and asks the question what does it look like to steward success in a Godly way.

This podcast makes reference to The Bible Project who’s material is utilised as part of this talk. To see more of what The Bible Project provide please visit their website at www.bibleproject.com

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