25th March 2018

Luke: The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin


This week we are continuing our series in the book of Luke. Join us as Cathay Burnside takes us through Luke 15:1-10.

18th March 2018

Luke: Fan or Follower


This week we are continuing our series in the book of Luke. Join us as Alan Carson takes us through Luke 14:25-35.

11th March 2018

Guest Speaker: Rachel Turner

Guest Speakers

Happy Mother’s Day. Today we have the privilege of hearing from Rachel Turner.

Rachel is passionate about children rooting themselves in God, experiencing and pursuing relationship with Him daily, growing in the Word, and living and ministering in the power of the Spirit. She loves investing in and equipping parents and carers in their role as the primary spiritual influencers in their children’s lives.

24th December 2017

Humility at Christmas

Special Services

Happy Christmas! This morning we will be exploring what Christmas and the life of Jesus teaches us about humility. Humility is all over the Christmas story, and is key to encountering and knowing, loving, and serving God for a lifetime. The Christmas story shows us that Jesus comes humbly, and if we are honest, it is easy to miss him or even dismiss him. Today, even as we celebrate Christmas and all its joys, let us receive his invitation to come to him this Christmas, and receive his peace and mercy, salvation and hope.

This message was given by Andy Smith.

3rd December 2017

Luke: Don’t Worry This Christmas (Or Ever)


Anxiety and worry are huge issues in our culture today, and always seem to increase around Christmas. Today we continue with our sermon series from the Gospel of Luke, and hear Jesus speak to us about worry, what we treasure, and his kingdom. This Advent is a time for expectation, and examining our lives as we prepare for the coming of Jesus, and gives us an opportunity to learn to receive his peace and presence and begin to live in his kingdom.

This message was given by Andy Smith.

28th November 2017

Luke: Greed


Good Morning! Today we continue with Luke’s Gospel, and find ourselves in chapter 12:13-21. In this passage Jesus is interrupted by a man who is in dispute about his inheritance, and who is also in bondage to greed. Jesus responds with a warning and parable about what happens when we live in a posture of lack and feel we have to fend for ourselves and turn to greed. He invites us to lean into a worldview of abundance, where we steward the life and possessions we have been given by God. As we are approaching the season of Advent approaches, Jesus is inviting us to expect his coming, and to evaluate our lives in light of that. This week is a wonderful opportunity to consider our lives, and what we are looking to for hope, and where we are putting our faith and trust.

This sermon was given by Andy Smith.

19th November 2017

Luke: Faithful to Jesus


Good Morning! Today we are continuing with our series on Luke’s Gospel. In Luke 12:1-12 we find Jesus warning his disciples about hypocrisy, persecution, and the seriousness of following him in faithfulness and fidelity. He also reminds them of the Father’s tender care for them, and that they may passionately live for Jesus without fear. It is a passage that we as his present day friends and disciples need to hear and embrace. Let’s let the words of Jesus challenge and renew our faith and life in him.

This sermon was given by Andy Smith.

12th February 2017

Luke: An Awkward Meal


Today we continue to journey through Luke’s Gospel. We will be in 11:37-54, where we find Jesus at a meal at the home of a religious leader. The meal quickly becomes awkward when Jesus is criticized and questioned. He responds by pronouncing six “woes” upon the religious leaders. They all centre around the prioritization outward appearance and performance above the practice of receiving and abiding and sharing the love of God. Jesus really cuts to the heart of why we do things: Are they a response to his love and mercy for us, or are we trying to perform for God and others, so that we are accepted and loved? Jesus is inviting us all to live in his love and presence, and then as a response radiate that around us.

This sermon was given by Andy Smith.

5th November 2017

Luke: Seeing Jesus As He Is


Luke 11:29-36

This sermon was given by Cathay Burnside.

29th October 2017

Guest Speaker: Seán Byrne

Guest Speakers

Seán is the lead pastor at Dublin Vineyard church together with his wife Debbie. In 1993, they set out, together with a small group, with a vision to partner with God to build a vibrant church that would make a difference in people’s lives and in Dublin. Together, with the leadership team, they provide direction and oversight to the church. Seán and Debbie are energised by seeing more and more people experience a life-changing friendship with Jesus and seeing more vibrant church communities started across Ireland. They have been married 23 years and are the proud parents of three great young people.

Everyone is welcome to join us!

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